Wednesday, July 30, 2014

IC Publishing Blog Tour

I'm taking a break from my usual hard-hitting reportage on things like emerging trends in the up-and-coming penis cozy market to participate in the IC Publishing Summer Blog Tour.

I must first say thank you to Louise Redmann for inviting me. Louise is the author of a medieval romance The Traitor's Legacy as well as numerous vignettes and short stories. I'm excited to read them all. You can find out more at her blog.

Now on to my assignment:

How do you start your writing projects?
My imagination has always been a problem.
I mean, being imaginative has never been a problem for me, except at school, work and other places where people expect me to pay attention and do the boring tasks they dream up.

I get ideas everywhere, like this little critter I made from the rejected ends of my daughter's snow peas:
My kids and I recently collaborated on a story about a coconut ice cream bar who lives in a tree house with her friends, cup of water, ear of corn and chocolate chip cookie. (Can you guess what we had for lunch that day?) Coconut loses her skate board, but ends up getting it back and making a new friend out of a sock monkey in the process.

My point is, you can make a story out of just about anything.

How do you continue your writing projects?
I love to write so keeping going is no problem. Rather, I would say, if I didn't have writing to look forward to, getting out of bed in the morning would be a lot harder. The opportunity to be creative energizes me.

How do you finish your project?
I would like to state for the record that I have never knowingly inflicted my stories on anyone from Finland. I can't say I haven't nibbled a few danish in my day, however...
What? Not that kind of Finnish?
As Gilda Radner would say, Never mind.

Finishing is tough. Sometimes I just have to say enough is enough. But with electronic publishing, I can always tweak… Oh, it's bad. Finishing is really hard.

Writing Challenge
You have just emerged from the bathroom in a public place to see two members of the opposite sex waiting to use it. You must explain why you were in the wrong bathroom.
I'd love to hear your responses. Post them in the comment section below.

Passing the Pen
I am thrilled to introduce Cayenne Michaels. A decade ago, she went to do a monthlong gig of fieldwork in Namibia. She is still there.
Cayenne is working on her first novel, entitled Life of Chi. I am so happy I got to go first on this tour because her blog puts mine to shame.

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  1. Oh, sorry, I am nearly done with the hormone therapy then I have surgery scheduled to remove these. (hefts breasts at stunned gentlemen) So I thought I'd get used to being in the men's room now.